Daily Announcements

Check out the PARENTS page to find a link to calendars with kids' activities for the summer!

Friday#1, June 22nd 2018

8:00am – 3:30pm

Last Day Breakfast Program – last day of breakfast program is Friday, June 22nd

Awards Night Jr High, Tuesday June 26th at 7:00pm

Grade 9 Closing, Thursday, June 28th @ 7:00pm, pictures at 6:30pm

Elementary Closing, Friday, June 29th, 8:30am in the gym

Last day of school, Friday, June 29th is a HALF DAY with dismissals at 11:10 elementary; and 12:15 Jr High

YEARBOOK ORDER FORMS will be accepted at the office until Wednesday, June 27th. Yearbook orders can be placed online until August 31st.

Primary Registration and Pre Primary Registration, please contact the school if you have not registered your child for September 2018. 902 624 2120

Daily Lunch Orders: Reminder to students to please order your lunch first thing in the morning! Thank you

ATTENDANCE REMINDER – Homeroom teachers are reminded to complete their attendance. Parents/ Guardians are asked to report their child’s absence to the school at the beginning of the morning.

Arriving Late at School – what to do ? Please sign in at the main office, sign in with your grade, full name (first and last), reason for being late and parent/ guardian signature. Parents, Guardians MUST sign students in and out regardless of what grade they are in.


Both ~ Elementary & Jr High

TELP (Technology Engagement Learning Project) The South Shore Regional School Board is offering a monthly payment plan (over 24 months) to purchase an iPad. Please contact the school office (902 624 2120) for information.

LIBRARY BOOK SALE !!!!! Friday, June 22nd, there will be a table set up outside the library with used books to sell, 25 cents each. Bring your quarters to school and get some books to read over the summer.

Jr High

Recycling: Friday: Froya S; Amelia B; Naomi F 7F; Hannah A 7F (Replacement People: Bridget V 7F; Shawna B 7F)

Scent Sensitive Awareness – We All Share the Air, please be sensitive to others: We are a scent sensitive school. Please do not wear perfume or use heavily scented personal products or laundry/dryer products at school. The school office is an especially sensitive area and we ask that you respect this.

Jr High Term Tests Monday, June 25th and Tuesday, June 26th

Cafeteria ** Please Note **
All hot meals, sandwiches, salads, wraps, burgers, etc. MUST be pre-ordered in the morning, elementary by 8:30am and jr high by 9:30am. Cafeteria service is at recess and lunch times only.

Hot Meal Menu *must be pre-ordered*=
Friday, June 22nd – Homemade Buttermilk Pancakes with Fruit
Monday, June 25th – BBQ Chicken Pizza
Tuesday, June 26th – Spaghetti with Meat Sauce with Caesar Salad
Wednesday, June 27th – Vegetable Soup with Turkey Sandwich

Last Day of Cafeteria service is Wednesday, June 27th

This is Current School Policy: USE OF OFFICE PHONE - Students are not normally permitted to use the office phone except during recess, noon, before and after school. Parents will be called in case of sickness, injury or change of a school activity. After school ‘play dates’ should be arranged prior to the school day and not during. The office does not prepare permission notes for after school ‘play dates’ that have been arranged via text messaging or phone during the school day.