KEEP IN MIND...Homework is Listed at the bottom!

You may use this site as a reference for daily homework and upcoming events for the classroom and school.

Should you need to contact me, feel free to call me at the school 902-624-2120, drop by the classroom, or you may email me: crowell3@gnspes.ca

Mrs. Crowell - crowell3@gnspes.ca (8 English Language Arts / 8 Social Studies / 9 Healthy Living)
Mrs. Lohnes - glohnes@gnspes.ca (8 Math / 8 Healthy Living / 7, 8, 9 Band)
Mr. Frittenburg - frittenc@gnspes.ca (JH Science)
Mrs. Wentzell - annwhite@gnspes.ca (PST / Learning Center)
Mr Forsyth - fforsyth@gnspes.ca (Phys Ed, IBL)
Mr. Breaugh - mbreaugh@gnspes.ca / Website: mrbreaugh.com (Guidance)
Ms Knickle - nknickle@gnspes.ca (Resource)


According to the 2015 DoE Provincial homework Policy:
Students will
• Regularly complete homework assignments on time and to the best of their ability.
• Seek a clear understanding of assigned homework (e.g., objectives, timelines, resources needed) and ask for clarification if expectations are not clear.
• Learn to manage the time and resources they need to complete homework.

Families will
• Provide encouragement and appropriate support to help students develop study skills at home (e.g., time management).
• Help students balance time spent on homework, extracurricular, and out-of-school commitments.
• Contact teachers if their child is regularly unable to complete homework assignments or needs
significant amounts of time or help.

Parents are asked to drop by the office if your child is arriving late or leaving early, so that we can
better ensure the safety of our students. An adult will be asked to sign your child in or out of the
school regardless of the grade level.

Parents ~ The Lost & Found bin is already filling up and we are only one month into the
school year! Parents are reminded to label their child’s clothing and personal items so
that they can be returned if found! Please drop into the school lobby to take a peek into
the bin before the items are donated to local charity!


For students in Grade 9, the school hosts a French trip to Quebec and Montreal; the trip is usually for five - six days. The cost of the trip in 2017 was about $750 (this amount may be subject to change for 2018) and Parents should be aware that the cost of the travel does not include spending money for students. However, you may participate in a payment plan for your child, in grade seven and grade eight. Therefore, if you would like to begin this process, please contact me and I will help you get the process started!

BCS Monthly Newsletter, The View, will be emailed. This is a conscious effort to conserve paper for the environment (and to save money!) The 8C Monthly Newsletter, will be emailed home at the beginning of each month.

Early morning pre-order of lunch is a MUST; this is a cafeteria, not a restaurant! A copy of the cafeteria lunch options will be emailed at the beginning of each month. Each lunch meal deal is $5.00 - drink, meal, & dessert.

In case you didn’t know, Bayview honours is calculated as follows:
Platinum Standing – All Final Marks are above 90%
Gold Standing – Final Average is above 90%, with no final mark below 85%
Silver Standing – Final Average is above 85%, with no final mark below 80%
Bronze Standing – Final Average is above 85%

BCS is Egg Sensitive, Nut Sensitive and Scent Sensitive - Please Respect!

No Dogs Allowed on School Property between 7:45AM - 3:45PM

Think Green! Idle Free, No Parking / Drop Off, Pick up Front of School Loop

BCS Tuques are for Sale - $10.00 (Navy Blue / One Size) Great Gift Idea!


DATES TO KEEP IN MIND - Today is Monday, January 22, 2018

Wednesday, January 24 - the grade eight teachers are providing two classes (11:15PM - 12:55PM) for students to work on Science Fair projects. If you child has research, printing, or requires time to work on the project, they are to bring their work to school in order to work on the project during this time.

Just to let you know, the Me to We group is looking for Non-Perishable Food Bank items. If students bring in five or more items in the next week, then they may be eligible for a FREE Tutorial on Friday, January 26 - ONLY if they have NO work for ANY teacher!

Mid Term Reports were issued on Monday January22. Students and Parents should read, sign, and return the Reports ASAP. You also were sent an email stating your child's overdue work.

Wednesday, January 24 - Early Dismissal @ 1:40 for CLT
Thursday, January 25 - Special Meal Burger and Dog $6.00

8C Language Arts:

8L Language Arts:

8C Social Studies

8L Social Studies

8C Math:

8C Health:

8C Science:

8C French:

9J & 9F Healthy Living:

Phys Ed:
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 2
- Remember your clean shorts, t-shirt, socks, and non-aerosol deodorant

Monday, Tuesday - Remember your instrument & music!